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Ovum has produced this 2020 Trends to Watch report to help key stakeholders in the connected TV ecosystem (technology vendors, service providers, and OTT players) competitively position themselves for the coming year.


  • The media streamer market will experience its last year of growth. After 2020, new streamer purchases and device replacements will begin to decline given a static device value proposition and increased smart TV adoption.
  • 4K content availability will continue to lag behind 4K TV adoption. Nine out of ten smart TVs sold will support 4K while 4K content is still not widespread. 4K premium media assets will be the gateway to more consistent 4K engagement.
  • Google’s TV strategy will center on Stadia. In 2020, Google will release a final Chromecast with Stadia support. Google will then bring Stadia support to Android TV devices and Chromecast built-in TVs as it fully shifts investment to these platforms.

Features and Benefits

  • Predicts connected TV trends for 2020.
  • Identifies consumer voice assistant preferences for TV and other consumer technology products.
  • Evaluates Google's connected TV strategy and Stadia's impact.
  • Highlights factors affecting the media streamer market's peak and eventual decline.

Key questions answered

  • What connected TV disruptions will occur in 2020?
  • How can technology vendors, service providers, and OTT players competitively position themselves for 2020?
  • How will connected TV adoption and usage patterns change in 2020 and beyond?
  • How can the increasing 4K installed base be addressed by content providers?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for service providers and platforms
  • Recommendations for content providers
  • Recommendations for technology vendors

In 2020, the media streamer market will peak… and then begin its decline

  • Media streamers face an existential threat from smart TVs
  • New form factors, exclusive services, and operator partnerships are necessary to slow the eventual media streamer decline

In 2020, nine out of ten smart TVs sold will be 4K

  • 4K content lags behind the addressable base of 4K TVs
  • Cloud gaming and other developments will drive 4K

2020 will see a clear winner in the TV assistant race

  • Amazon Alexa's TV capabilities will overtake Google Assistant's in 2020
  • Content relevance capabilities will grow, while content discovery capabilities will continue to lag

In 2020, Stadia will be a core component of Google's TV strategy

  • Google will release a final, Stadia-enabled Chromecast
  • As Chromecast media streamer support declines, Android TV will continue to surge


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