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Reliance on new device segments and technologies that have yet to prove successful will become stronger in 2020 as mobile devices fail to provide further growth. This means that it will be a "make or break" year for many new technologies.


  • Smart home continues to bring growth, but few will benefit. Smart security products and the smart kitchen will see the most growth in 2020, but prices will continue to decline rapidly, threatening profitability for many.
  • Apple will fail to generate enough cash from services to offset the revenue dip. Services are a distraction, while Apple finds a new lucrative device segment to go after.
  • Foldable smartphones will find a market. A larger screen always tends to find its market as has been shown in the past by phablets and tablets.

Features and Benefits

  • Anticipates impending 2020 trends in consumer technology.
  • Discusses 2020 expectations for foldable smartphones and smart displays.
  • Assesses Apple's services business.

Key questions answered

  • What will be the major consumer tech trends in 2020?
  • Which consumer tech companies will succeed in 2020?
  • How should TMT companies address new consumer tech trends in 2020?

Table of contents


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  • Recommendations for content providers
  • Recommendations for technology vendors

Smart home will overtake smartphone sales in most markets

  • Smart home sales continue to grow thanks to smart security
  • Declining prices will drive more market consolidation

Apple will not become a services business yet

  • Privacy focus helps differentiate with Amazon and Google

Consumers' love for screens will drive new segments

  • Foldable smartphones will gain traction
  • Smart displays will overtake smart speakers


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