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When it comes to AI service providers, vendors, and other stakeholders need a road map, not just for longer-term AI trends but also for more immediate impacts.


  • In 2020 more devices will come to market with advanced visual AI and related smarts that will spur service innovation. But advances in computer vision will have a dark side as deep fake videos become more prevalent, with negative outcomes.
  • Voice control will be the default mode for more simple functions (e.g., calling up a play list or turning on a TV). But the variable quality of the voice interface undercuts the user experience and prevents deeper conversational interactions.
  • AI introduces new challenges for data privacy, while consumer concerns over data privacy are increasing. It is against this backdrop that service providers compete to be the trusted brand for consumer data privacy, with Apple pulling ahead.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand key drivers and barriers for consumer AI in 2020, including AI device forecasts and findings from Ovum consumer surveys.
  • Learn how to advance voice AI services to gain competitive advantage.
  • Understand how AI is impacting consumer data privacy and what the key issues and outcomes will be in 2020.
  • Understand the impact that deep fake videos will have and what service providers must do in response.

Key questions answered

  • What will be the defining Consumer AI trends for 2020?
  • What are the key developments and challenges for voice AI in 2020?
  • How is AI impact data privacy and what action must be taken?
  • What are the key developments and challenges for visual AI in 2020?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for service providers and platforms
  • Recommendations for technology vendors

Expect strides in visual AI, but not all of it will be positive

  • Devices with advanced AI spur visual service innovation, with Google in the lead
  • Deep fake videos become more nuanced with negative outcomes

Voice will be a primary control interface, but variable quality stalls deeper engagement

  • Voice control becomes the default mode for simple tasks
  • The user experience continues to disappoint and halts deeper conversational interactions

AI powers digital commerce innovation everywhere

  • Shopping flourishes on AI assistants, but advertising will move more slowly
  • AI enhances online to offline commerce and disrupts physical retail

Service providers fight to be crowned data privacy king in the AI era

  • AI brings new challenges for privacy, but some are not fully understood
  • Apple takes the data privacy crown


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