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Many CIOs can be forgiven for thinking that the corporate data center is an endangered species and will soon become extinct, because cloud is predicted to become the dominant IT delivery mechanism.


  • The new digital economy requires organizations to be rapidly adaptable to change, and technology must deliver value for money, be compliant, and fit for purpose. This translates to there being no single silver bullet solution; rather, it is a case of using the correct technologies for the right reasons.

Features and Benefits

  • Discover how AI and machine learning will change the economics of IT operations
  • Learn about why hyper-converged infrastructure provides a viable alternative to using public cloud
  • Understand why data protection and availability is now expected to be a hyper-availability solution guaranteeing services and data
  • Discover what is driving the end-user computing market to enter a new inflection point that will introduce new technologies and delivery methods.
  • Learn why hybrid cloud is set to become the pragmatic deployment of as-a-service in most enterprises

Key questions answered

  • What is the future for a corporate data center in a world dominated by cloud computing?
  • What impact will new technologies have on the selection between on-premises and cloud for IT delivery?

Table of contents


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AI will become a part of normal operational day-to-day processes and procedures

  • AIOPS requires DevOps if the benefits are to be realized
  • AI will force organizational changes in both IT operations and the wider organization
  • Linking discrete AI tools together is the next stage of the journey

HCI will continue to grow faster than the individual server or storage markets

  • The edge will be a big market for HCI
  • Hyper-converged vendors are targeting the data protection and availability markets

Hyper-availability is a growing market terminology

  • 100% data availability is now a common customer expectation
  • The need for a cross-cloud data layer has seen more vendors introduce the concept to solutions

EUC looks set for a massive change in 2019/20

  • VDI or desktop-as-a-service is not the question

Hybrid cloud is the most practical approach to adopt an "as-a-service" paradigm

  • Software defined has now matured to become the standard approach to operating and managing infrastructure
  • Cloud-native technologies are driving the portability of workloads, making on-premises a viable option


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