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This report outlines five key trends to watch in 2019 around customer engagement platforms (CEPs), the next generation of CRM platforms.


  • Move over, CRM; it’s the age of the customer engagement platform.
  • Data management becomes a top priority to fuel AI-assisted customer engagement
  • The rise of ABM will drive vendors’ CEP developments in B2B environments

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a fresh look at CRM as it transitions to CEP, a complete and integrated customer engagement platform.
  • Highlights the rising importance of good data management.
  • Discusses a range of big data technologies that will underpin dynamic orchestration of the customer experience.

Key questions answered

  • Why should we move from CRM to CEP?
  • Why is data management increasing in importance, and what big data technologies will be used?
  • In B2B environments, how is account-based marketing shaping CEP developments?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for enterprises
  • Recommendations for digital service providers
  • Recommendations for vendors

Move over, CRM; it's time for the customer engagement platform

  • The CEOs of Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP agree it is time to move on from CRM
  • The anatomy of a CEP consists of five enabling technology layers, culminating in a sixth orchestration layer
  • Don't think CRM; think CEP

Data management becomes a top priority to fuel AI-assisted customer engagement

  • Customer engagement demands a high level of data management, especially in high-volume B2C environments
  • Converting customer journey chaos into real-time engagement orchestration is complex in high-volume B2C environments
  • Big data technologies are being adopted to solve the challenges of customer recognition and experience orchestration
  • Data pipes surface real-time data
  • Data lakes can store structured and unstructured data at a massive scale
  • Fueling AI to generate the right results must be underpinned by good data governance practices, not just technology

The rise of account-based marketing will drive vendors' CEP developments in B2B environments

  • ABM is gaining B2B adherents
  • ABM goes mainstream and attracts more vendors
  • Expect to see more ABM focus from CEP vendors

Voice + AI will become the "must have" UI

  • Voice will aid productivity

Microservices come of age as enterprises seek to differentiate and adapt faster

  • Microservices offer adaptability and speed


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