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Ovum believes that as the technologies such as cloud-native, edge computing, and serverless evolve, they will bring with them expectations of greater openness in terms of workload and data portability.


  • The cloud computing market has approximately 30% of workloads running in some form of cloud.
  • Cloud-native developments require IT to change its modus operandi.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn why the move to edge computing will continue to increase in importance.
  • Discover why and which new services will be delivered via the cloud.
  • Learn about the workloads moving to the cloud and what this means for organizations with a cloud strategy.

Key questions answered

  • What are the key trends in cloud computing that organizations should be aware of in 2019?
  • What will the cloud computing market look like in 2019?

Table of contents


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  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for enterprises
  • Recommendations for vendors
  • Recommendations for service and content providers

Cloud-native developments require a different approach to operations

  • Security in a cloud-native environment has some subtle differences to that of VMs
  • The concept of a service mesh is becoming popular
  • Management platforms give enterprises the option of the wider adoption of containers

Enterprises will select the best cloud for a workload’s specific needs

  • The market has separated into generalists and specialists
  • Managed services or platforms are the most effective approach to increasing cloud adoption in the enterprise
  • Hyperscale cloud providers will introduce simpler, more standardized, and more easily consumed configurations
  • Merging of IaaS and PaaS will see cloud services platforms emerge as the new consumption model

Cloud providers and their partners will add new options for locally based “edge” capacity

  • The need for low-latency real-time responses is driving an architectural shift
  • Edge computing is a continuum from a rack device to a sensor

New technologies will be delivered as cloud services

  • Desktop in the cloud in 2019 will complicate end user computing
  • Advances in quantum computing will be delivered as a cloud service as it becomes more stable
  • AI and machine learning is increasingly being delivered as a service


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