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AI assistants are rapidly gaining ground in the home. But even though these assistants conveniently and autonomously perform a range of household tasks, users' perception of them has worsened over the past year.


  • The user experience will continue to deteriorate unless AI assistants undergo a makeover to increase usefulness.
  • User perception about privacy and security has not improved. Ensuring a consistent and reliable experience will be crucial to increasing consumer confidence.
  • User adoption remains limited to basic skills, but enhanced personalization features will encourage usage of more varied applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses why AI assistants' perceived privacy and security credentials have not improved.
  • Analyzes why vendors are currently focusing on the specifics of AI assistants, not the overall user experience.
  • Explores why AI assistant usage is often limited to basic tasks.

Key questions answered

  • How will AI assistants undergo a makeover to improve utility and increase user retention?
  • Why should AI assistant providers promote experiences over capabilities?

Table of contents


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  • Recommendations for consumer technology vendors
  • Recommendations for service providers

AI assistants will undergo a makeover to improve utility and increase user retention

  • User satisfaction will continue to deteriorate unless AI assistants improve utility
  • Enhancements in skill discovery will drive user engagement
  • More attractive incentives are needed to get partners and developers involved

Tackling the lack of trust will be key to increasing adoption

  • New security protocols will help consumers trust AI
  • AI assistants will gradually gain presence in the smart home security space

Use case adoption will evolve and diversify

  • Shift in focus to high-value skills
  • AI assistants will become the de facto smart home brokers

Competition in the AI assistant market will remain focused on small achievements

  • The survival of the fittest will intensify
  • Localization will be key to standing out


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