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This presentation focuses on the overarching trends that will play out across consumer telecoms, media, and technology in 2020 and what stakeholders should do about them.


  • Revenues from consumer TMT services will grow by 4.4% to pass a massive $2tn in 2020. Digital services will account for 31% of total revenues and 71% of revenue growth.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand the issues that will define and shape the consumer TMT landscape.
  • Discover how key telecoms, media, and technology firms will compete and how successful their efforts will be.
  • Identify the consumer technologies, services, and regulation that will drive the most change.

Key questions answered

  • Which strategies will be key to succeeding with 5G?
  • What services will shape and define the TV landscape?
  • How will video gaming influence the wider TMT landscape?
  • Where will the debate over regulating tech giants go?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: 2020 Trends to Watch: The Digital Consumer Landscape