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There has been a significant amount of change in the higher education industry over the past decade. With funding pressures and increasing focus on student success and completion, IT plays a pivotal role in delivering key services, enabling digital transformation, and providing competitive institutional differentiation. The ability to achieve this is dependent on IT partnering with institutional leadership at a strategic level to meet institutional goals. This report outlines the changes in the market and explores which trends will have the biggest impact in 2017. This analysis is important for both vendors targeting higher education and institutions, to ensure that they understand the key forces that will shape the education landscape in 2017.

2017 key trends and enablers

Key messages:

  • Institutions will support the use of innovative technology in teaching and learning.
  • More thought will be given to how to improve the student experience.
  • The movement toward next-generation IT strategy will focus on IT agility.
2017 trends to watch PDF

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