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The Challenges & Imperatives of Real-Time Payments & Liquidity

The banking services corporate treasurers require in the modern business environment are changing rapidly – more rapidly than banks are responding. Over the next few years this will change further as the major economies of the US and the European Union implement real-time payment (RTP) infrastructures, and open banking through API access to accounts is rapidly adopted. Real-time payments provide a clear opportunity for banks to enhance their service offering to corporates, both directly through enhanced payment-related services, but also as a platform upon which to layer additional value-adding propositions.

To more clearly understand the role that real-time payments in particular can play in helping corporate banks to address the operational issues facing today’s corporate treasurer, Ovum and Temenos partnered to undertake a major research project in Q2 2017, looking at the different priorities, perceptions and plans of both corporates and banks in countries that have implemented real-time payments and those that have yet to do so.

A key part of this research is Ovum’s 2017 Transaction Banking Survey. In field through Q3 2017, Ovum interviewed 100 corporate treasurers globally to understand the current dynamics and pain points of their role in 2017/18 as well as their requirements around new services from their bank partners.

In parallel, and to understand the degree to which corporate banks understand and are aligned with these needs, Ovum also surveyed 100 corporate banks to gain insight into their own investment and product development roadmaps.
This report by Ovum and Temenos, provides insight into the priorities and attitudes of today’s corporate treasurer and shows where the banks that service them need to invest in order to satisfy their needs – both now and into the future.

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2017 Transaction Banking Survey  Challenges & Imperatives of Real-Time Payments & Liquidity


  • Foreword 
  • Introduction
  • Corporates face a number of challenges, several exacerbated by gaps in bank services
  • Real-time payments should be a platform for wholesale enhancements to corporate services
  • Ultimately, it is investments on top of real-time that will allow banks to address future corporate needs
2017 Transaction Banking Survey

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