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Latest Insights

Bringing you our most recent insights from across the interconnected technology, media and telecommunications landscape from our team of expert analysts.

Enterprise IT Strategy and Selection

College Back To School Prep Offers Glimpse Into The Future

23 Mar 2020

When college students head back to school this fall, most will bring along a laptop to take notes in class, a desktop computer to do homework in their dorm rooms, a smartphone to stay in constant communication, a TV that connects to the internet, and a couple of gaming devices just for fun.

Industrial Technology

Global smart-city artificial intelligence software revenue set to rise sevenfold by 2025, spurred by advancing AI and connectivity technologies

12 Mar 2020

Software solutions migrate online to capitalize on AI innovations; video surveillance represents a key driver

Artificial Intelligence

Consumer brands employ 5G to alleviate fears about AI privacy

By Aditya Kaul 20 Feb 2020

While the media frets about computer superintelligences potentially usurping the human race, the general public is just as concerned about a more immediate issue related to artificial intelligence (AI): the prospect that AI will have a negative impact on personal data and privacy.  

Consumer Electronics

At CES 2020, AI hype cycle at maximum, but dismiss at your own risk

By Aditya Kaul 31 Jan 2020

The ubiquitous presence of AI across CES in some sense made the technology lose its meaning, as most of the exhibits were repetitions from previous years or half-baked concepts.

Industrial Technology

Video analytics solutions are driven by the need for safety and security

30 Jan 2020

The rise of artificial intelligence has been instrumental in drastically raising accuracy levels to meet market demands.


Semiconductors sales set to triple by 2025 as AI reshapes chip markets

By Luca De Ambroggi 29 Jan 2020

The global market for memory and processing semiconductors used in artificial intelligence (AI) applications will soar to $128.9 billion in 2025, three times the $42.8 billion total in 2019, according to Omdia.

Enterprise IT

Help is at hand for enterprises struggling with digital transformation

By Jeremy Cox 27 Jan 2020

Omdia's annual global ICT Enterprise Insights research reveals that the majority of enterprises have made little progress with their customer experience digital initiatives.

Service Provider Technology, Enterprise Decis...

The role of AI in addressing 5G challenges

By Adaora Okeleke 24 Jan 2020

This report identifies the challenges that CSPs will encounter as they rollout 5G networks, the role that AI can play in addressing these challenges and how CSPs can prepare themselves to take advantage of AI to improve their 5G networks

Service Providers

CSPs should implement AI to address challenges in operating 5G networks

By Adaora Okeleke 23 Jan 2020

5G will come with opportunities for growth but will have its own challenges. CSPs must therefore be proactive to understand these challenges and how they can be tackled, otherwise risk delivering value to customers and stakeholders.

Service Provider Markets

Orange's 2025 strategy update is in line with its peers

By Diana Gorelik 20 Jan 2020

Orange unveiled its Engage 2025 strategy. Key highlights include the company's focus on AI, cybersecurity, fiber development, and sustainability.