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Enterprise IT

Managed services drive the SD-WAN market in the fourth quarter of 2019 as revenue surges by 75 percent

By Clifford Grossner 14 Apr 2020

Revenue for the software-defined enterprise WAN (SD-WAN) appliance and control and management software market surged by 75 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019 as service providers increasingly offered SD-WAN as part of managed-service bundles.


AMOLED smartphone panel market defies the coronavirus crisis, with 9 percent shipment growth expected in 2020

By Brian Huh 08 Apr 2020

Despite a projected double-digit decline in smartphone shipments due to the coronavirus pandemic, the global market for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) smartphone displays is expected to rise by 9 percent in 2020.


Intel shines amidst the carnage of the 2019 semiconductor market

By Ron Ellwanger 01 Apr 2020

Company defies 11.7 percent industry decline by using diversification strategy to eke-out growth.

Cloud & Data Center

Booming software-defined-storage market set to reach $86 billion by 2023

By Dennis Hahn 18 Mar 2020

The software-defined-storage (SDS) market is expected to register a 28 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019 through 2023 to reach $86 billion as vendors expand SDS product offerings to meet rising demand.

Service Providers

Apple drives massive growth in shipments of $401-to-$600 smartphones with wireless charging-capability in Q4

By Anna Ahrens 01 Apr 2020

Shipments of wireless-charging-enabled smartphones in the $401-to-$600 price range grew by 365 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019 as Apple’s price cut for the iPhone XR dramatically expanded the market.


Chiplets promise to help reinstate Moore’s Law and generate nearly $6 billion in semiconductor revenue by 2024

By Tom Hackenberg 28 Apr 2020

Moore’s Law may not be dead, but at 55 years old, it’s certainly feeling its age, with the pace of semiconductor manufacturing advancement decelerating in recent years. 


Foldable AMOLED display panel shipments set to surge by factor of five in 2020

By Jerry Kang 28 Apr 2020

Smartphone makers accelerate adoption despite cost, reliability and manufacturing challenges.

Service Provider Markets

Interview with Dario Talmesio, Ovum for MVNOs World Congress 2017

By Dario Talmesio 19 Apr 2017

Hear from Dario Talmesio on why MVNOs World Congress is the 'highlight of the year' when it comes to MVNO research.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise Innovation: Who should SMEs turn to for digital help?

By Camille Mendler 15 Mar 2017

Almost half of Asia’s smaller businesses are digitally illiterate – unable to keep up with the lightning pace of technological change or not using digital approaches to doing business, according to Ovum research. This is an urgent problem to solve because SMEs are Asia’s biggest employers and creators of jobs.

Service Provider Markets

Disruptive.Asia: India’s IT service providers must rethink their digital transformation strategy

17 Mar 2017

Many Indian IT service providers (ITSPs) today will not be around in the next decade, at least not in the same shape and form, and industry consolidation is a distinct possibility in that time frame.