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"IoT has now moved beyond the hype stage. But there is still plenty of room for growth: only 29% of organizations so far have deployed IoT solutions. For enterprises, IoT is delivering efficiency and productivity benefits, cost savings, and improved product quality and customer experience. But challenges remain around data protection and usage, cybersecurity, and how and when to scale up. Technology providers must think in terms of delivering end-to-end IoT solutions in a variety of vertical "wraps," to address key business problems."

Alexandra Rehak, Research Director


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 Internet of Things

How Ovum helps you

Identify where service providers and technology vendors can play most effectively in the IoT value chain.

Develop effective strategies for helping enterprises make the decision to adopt IoT, successfully deploy new use cases to deliver business and social benefit, and scale up deployments.

Discover how new IoT-enabled business models are developing, and how enterprises and the public sector are using IoT to drive innovation.

Compare and learn from the IoT strategies of leading IoT service and technology providers.

Identify the capabilities and partners required to deliver transformational IoT solutions.

Choose the most important verticals and use cases to prioritize for IoT product and marketing initiatives.

Derive maximum impact from emerging technologies that will take IoT to the next level including LPWA, 5G, blockchain, and AI.

Research Themes for 2020



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