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"Communications service providers are constantly changing in order to deliver new services and to do so more efficiently. No network domain remains untouched. And, while CSPs have network vision commonalities, many are starting from different places. Working through those dynamics and making the right choices can be the difference between success and failure. ICPs (OTTs) are a critical part of the systems ecosystem: injecting new and growing revenue and capex firepower, disrupting legacy supply chains, pushing the technology envelope, and driving the pace of change."

Evan Kirchheimer, Research Director


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Research Topics

 Network Infrastructure and Software

How Ovum helps you

Explore which network technologies are hype and which ones will have a long and impactful life.

Size different network domains and learn which ones are growing and which ones are not.

Learn how operators are applying and benefiting from new technologies and network architectures.

Help communication service providers navigate changes in network technologies.

Highlight key differentiating and winning vendor strategies such as bringing Purpose Built DCI products to market.

Research Themes for 2020

  • 5G impact on mobile operator network planning from the radio to the core... Read more


  • Optical Network Refresh: Core to Capillarity... Read more


  • FTTx and cable broadband locked into a fight for the home... Read more


  • The ongoing shift to a virtualized network... Read more

 Optical Components

How Ovum helps you

Quantify component technologies and platforms volumes and revenue.

Size different component market segments and identify the high growth opportunities.

Identify new disruptive technologies and market threats.

Assess key differentiating and winning component technologies and vendor strategies.

Understand how CSPs and ICPs are planning for the introduction of new technologies and review leading CSP and ICP network target architectures.

Make data driven decisions on markets, new technologies, product development, and manufacturing requirements.

Research Themes for 2020

  • ICPs recasting the industry structure and driving integration... Read more


  • Maturation and scaling of silicon photonics... Read more


  • Amplification receiving overdue attention... Read more

 Media Technology

How Ovum helps you

Understand media technology adoption trends across both the upstream and downstream content supply chains.

Evaluate partner ecosystems in the connected digital TV & video services 2.0 era.

Identify new market opportunities in niche media segments such as enterprise video, outdoor advertising, and theme parks.

Media Companies: Assess which vendors are most appropriate for your workflow unification, automation, and orchestration needs.

Media Companies: Identify the most appropriate media preparation and distribution technologies to lower TCO and inefficiencies.

Media Companies: Develop business and technology roadmaps across the media content supply chain.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Rapid emergence of remote production on IP... Read more


  • Multiplatform broadcast quality production at scale... Read more


  • Manage personalized multiscreen user engagement lifecycle at scale... Read more

 Telecoms Operations and IT

How Ovum helps you

Help telcos understand their business and digital transformation needs and support their IT investment and buying decisions.

Identify telcos' decision criteria for selecting platform and service partners to enable digital transformation.

Help telcos to leverage the right vendors to assist with their network analytics and automation needs.

Understand the main growth opportunities across the complex telco IT landscape.

Evaluate vendor competitive positioning and identify new product, service and partnering opportunities in key solution areas.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Successful strategies for telco digital transformation... Read more


  • Intelligent operations as a source of innovation... Read more


  • Telco IT strategies to support 5G, IoT, and B2B... Read more

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