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"More and more businesses are either running existing or buying new ICT as managed or cloud-based services. Digitization means that providers – whether IT or telecoms heritage – must also transform themselves, and how they build, sell, and support their services. Running and growing a profitable B2B business, from network to the cloud, and from core applications to the digital workspace, remains a challenge, especially when business customers are becoming increasingly demanding."

Evan Kirchheimer, Research Director


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Research Topics

 Advanced Digital Services

How Ovum helps you

Understand the global aspirations and digital ambitions of the CxO community and the global C-suite digital barometer on technologies investment and digital goals/aspirations.

Understand who the leaders are in various segments of the market and how they can compete better with detailed competitive benchmarking from our Service Provider Digital Framework series.

Establish the best areas to place investments and resources with comprehensive market forecasts providing a global total addressable market for enterprise services.

Analyze contracts; IT contracts tracking and analysis will give players insight into how contracts are evolving

Research Themes for 2020

  • The rise of emerging technologies will drive professional services... Read more


  • The rise of CDOs and other personas... Read more


  • Business outcome driven to ICT engagements... Read more


  • Co-investments and co-creation models will become more popular... Read more

 Customer Engagement

How Ovum helps you

Learn best practices in data integration and knowledge management to optimize customer-facing employee interactions.

Understand how effective customer journey management can drive brand differentiation in the marketplace.

Find out the critical role of customer engagement platforms versus siloed CRM applications.

Organize priorities and processes to enable a connected ecosystem of data, analytics, and machine learning and automation tools.

Evaluate the tools enterprises use to implement AI-driven predictive and proactive processes into the CX environment.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Creating the connected and adaptive enterprise to deliver differentiated customer experience... Read more


  • Using AI and machine learning to transform customer data from static, to intelligent and actionable... Read more


  • Enabling the next-generation augmented and highly differentiated customer experience through
    advancement to the cloud, 5G, and mobile edge... Read more


  • Understanding the role of the customer engagement platform and strategic approaches to delivery... Read more

 Network Transformation

How Ovum helps you

Track the emergence of transformational network services from leading providers to understand the competitive landscape.

Better understand the evolving points of provider synergy and competition where network meets data center and cloud resources.

Understand the market size and market growth relationships between enterprise network and managed services including private MPLS, Ethernet, public internet, SD-WAN, and other managed CPE services.

Gain insights on global enterprise IT executive adoption trends, and their experiences with new network technologies and their benefits.

Identify 5G's projected uses in enterprise services, and early monetization and use cases related to edge computing and 5G.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Intersection of SD-WAN and virtualization with cloud... Read more


  • Security and resilience to protect enterprise assets... Read more


  • Successful service models for virtualization/NFV adoption... Read more


  • Shift in network architectures to applications-centricity... Read more


  • The influence of the enterprise channel... Read more

 SoHo and SME Services

How Ovum helps you

Empower: Identify compelling, profitable digital services that help smaller businesses thrive.

Simplify: Craft integrated propositions that overcome digital service providers' internal silos to address customers' validated needs.

Engage: Determine the correct blend of physical and virtual channels to engage different buyer personas.

Support: Help bridge the digital skills gap between small and large businesses and accelerate transformation.

Research Themes for 2020


 Workspace Services

How Ovum helps you

Recognize new opportunities associated with the digital workspace and the ecosystem of technologies and services it encompasses.

Identify the revenue opportunities for the future workspace segment.

Understand how markets are changing and the reasons why.

Understand how competitors are differentiating and the challenge from new entrants.

Identify ways to capitalize on the future workspace: how to develop new services, who to partner with, and who to compete with.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Changing workstyles and new buying points... Read more


  • New models for workspace service provision... Read more


  • The technologies that will help build a smart workspace... Read more


  • Differentiating through the workspace user experience... Read more

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