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"To support the ongoing digitization of both customer-facing and backoffice processes, enterprises and their vendor partners must develop and deliver a coherent portfolio of business-aligned IT services. These provide the foundation for intelligent applications, data-driven insights, and digital innovation, while maintaining the highest levels of security and reliability."

Maxine Holt, Research Director


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Research Topics

 Customer Engagement

How Ovum helps you

Learn best practices in data integration and knowledge management to optimize customer-facing employee interactions.

Find out how effective customer journey management can drive brand differentiation in the marketplace.

Understand the critical role of customer engagement platforms versus siloed CRM applications.

Organize priorities and processes to enable a connected ecosystem of data, analytics, and machine learning and automation tools.

Evaluate the tools enterprises use to implement AI-driven predictive and proactive processes into the CX environment.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Creating the connected and adaptive enterprise to deliver differentiated customer experience... Read more


  • Using AI and machine learning to transform customer data from static to intelligent and actionable... Read more


  • Enabling the next-generation augmented and highly differentiated customer experience through
    advancement to the cloud, 5G, and mobile edge... Read more


  • Understanding the role of the customer engagement platform and strategic approaches to delivery... Read more

 Data and Enterprise Intelligence

How Ovum helps you

Understand the role of digital transformation, AI and automation, big data, and hybrid/multi-cloud technologies.

Evaluate products by category to assess their applicability and advantages.

Discover the challenges and opportunities for specific roles such as data scientist, data engineer, DataOps/DevOps practitioners, and business users.

Identify and investigate key industry trends such as evolution of data science, data security, governance and privacy, open data, AI acceleration, edge computing, and more.

Find out more about the market for Robotic Process Automation, including its evolution and RPA+.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Modern databases for the digitally transformed: cloud-native computing, big data, and ML applications... Read more



  • Evolving use of Robotic Process Automation higher up the food chain... Read more


  • Evolving toward the citizen data scientist... Read more

 Cybersecurity Accelerator

How Ovum helps you

Align information security strategy with organizational objectives to develop security controls combining people, process, and technology.

Secure and deliver corporate data in line with confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements.

Bolster security posture with an increased focus on integrated detection and response across the security stack.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Examining xDR: Integrated, coordinated detection and response architecture covering endpoints, networks, and cloud infrastructure... Read more


  • DevSecOps: Embedding security into the discipline of DevOps... Read more


  • Risk-driven security: Prioritizing defenses where needed most... Read more

 Infrastructure Solutions

How Ovum helps you

Hybrid and multi-cloud: assess the value of each approach to cloud delivery, comparing the leading vendors in cloud providers and cloud management.

Cloud-native: understand the rapidly evolving market – in areas including service mesh, serverless, and microservices – and its applicability, maturity, and relevance to the enterprise.

DevOps/AIOps: identify how – when connecting cloud infrastructure with cloudnative developments – to  implement and operate these technologies for the benefit of the business, generating business value beyond cost efficiencies.

Cloud services & marketplace evolution: compare how services are presented to customers and the problems they are solving, and explore the economics of the cloud.

Research Themes for 2020


  • Adopting cloud-native sustainably... Read more


  • Evolving use of Robotic Process Automation higher up the food chain... Read more


  • DevSecOps: Embedding security into the discipline of DevOps... Read more

 Enterprise ICT Management

How Ovum helps you

Reducing operating expenditure: optimizing ICT operations and increasing market reach; identifying cost reduction opportunities to market; and improving speed and monetization of ICT products and services.

Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0: demystifying 4IR; identifying practical 4IR initiatives and technologies; building 4IR and Industry 4.0 capabilities; and educating and informing decision-makers on 4IR and Industry 4.0.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Revenue generation and cost reduction within Enterprise ICT... Read more


  • Practical approaches to Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0... Read more

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