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"Enterprises in both the public sector and the financial services industry face challenges unique to the market, product, regulatory and competitive situation of their vertical. However, while the journey that each needs to make will be influenced by these specific industry dynamics, the outcome – successfully navigating the route from analogue to digital business – and many of the core technologies that will underpin this remain the same"

Daniel Mayo, Chief Analyst


dan mayo


Research Topics

 Financial Services

How Ovum helps you

Maximise your market impact, by using Ovum’s independent research to understand exactly what is driving IT investment agendas at a country and regional level in the financial services industry.

Benchmark against your competition, with independent verification of the market leaders, challengers and followers in Ovum’s Decision Matrix series.

Stay ahead of the competition, by understanding where and how new entrants, non-bank digital service providers and established vendors are bringing new products and services to market.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Open APIs, digital banking, and disruption... Read more


  • Delivering enterprise transformation... Read more


 Media Technology

How Ovum helps you

Understand media technology adoption trends across both the upstream and downstream content supply chains.

Evaluate partner ecosystems in the connected digital TV & video services 2.0 era.

Identify new market opportunities in niche media segments such as enterprise video, outdoor advertising, and theme parks.

Media Companies: Assess which vendors are most appropriate for your workflow unification, automation, and orchestration needs.

Media Companies: Identify the most appropriate media preparation and distribution technologies to lower TCO and inefficiencies.

Media Companies: Develop business and technology roadmaps across the media content supply chain.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Rapid emergence of remote production on IP... Read more


  • Multiplatform broadcast quality production at scale... Read more


  • Manage personalized multiscreen user engagement lifecycle at scale... Read more

 Public Sector

How Ovum helps you

Understand how analytics, cognitive computing and process automation are complementing cloud strategies in delivering effective services and strategic insights.

Learn why institutions are focusing on improving agility, flexibility, and capacity for innovation, and how these changes will guide internal transformation and ICT investment priorities for 2020 and beyond.

Gain insight into how leading institutions are building education ecosystems that create student-centric experiences and outcomes while improving efficiency.

Maximize impact by understanding how leading agencies are delivering digital government and leveraging mature information management and security practices to enable new forms of social engagement.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Delivering a personalised and connected constituent experience... Read more


  • Best practice in leveraging cloud and AI technologies... Read more


  • Executive leadership in the digital government era... Read more


  • Enhancing digital learning through leading-edge technology... Read more

 Telecoms Operations and IT

How Ovum helps you

Help telcos understand their business and digital transformation needs and support their IT investment and buying decisions.

Identify telcos’ decision criteria for selecting platform and service partners to enable digital transformation.

Help telcos to leverage the right vendors to assist with their network analytics and automation needs.

Understand the main growth opportunities across the complex telco IT landscape.

Evaluate vendor competitive positioning and identify new product, service and partnering opportunities in key solution areas.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Successful strategies for telco digital transformation... Read more


  • Intelligent operations as a source of  innovation... Read more


  • Telco IT strategies to support 5G, IoT and B2B... Read more

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