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"Technology and consumer behavior are changing faster than ever, and few are clear which business models or companies will win out. However, the net result will be growth: revenue from consumer telecoms, media, and technology services will near $2.2tn in 2023."

Rob Gallagher, Research Director


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Research Topics

 Broadband and Multi-Play

How Ovum helps you

Identify new charging models for 5G, including trends around unlimited data, enhanced Mobile Broadband bundles, and upsell opportunities.

Size the fixed broadband bundle subscription market, including "next-generation" bundles.

Understand the very latest tariff strategies that mobile and fixed operators have launched.

Build a profile of the "mobile-only customer" through surveys and forecasts to better understand this niche segment.

Analyze consumer attitudes to 5G across nine countries, how it might cannibalize fixed broadband, and what's valued in the fixed broadband bundle.


Research Themes for 2020

  • Next level pricing models unlock revenue... Read more


  • Super charged bundles key to locking down the household... Read more


  • "Mobile-only" doesn't mean bye-bye broadband... Read more

 Communications and Social

How Ovum helps you

Size the telco messaging market for SMS using country-level forecasts, covering interpersonal and business messaging (P2P and A2P).

Size the OTT messaging market and track developments using country-level forecasts and a detailed market tracker.

Size the RCS market and track RCS deployments using country-level forecasts and a detailed market tracker.

Identify key players in the communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) market, and assess the key elements of their strategies in detailed case studies, via our Market Radar report.

Identify how consumers use telco and OTT communications services both for interpersonal use and to interact with businesses.


Themes for 2020

  • Mapping the new communications landscape... Read more


  • The rich new world of A2P communications... Read more


  • Vendors are the linchpin of the new communications world... Read more

 Consumer Technology

How Ovum helps you

Anticipate the impact of consumer IoT devices including wearables, VR, and smart home devices, specific to your market.

Plan for the next technology revolution in the home across your footprint via realistic predictions and insights on what role to take and which opportunities to go after.

Receive quarterly insights on potential market disruptions coming from new technology and device launches, consumer behavior shifts, and company strategy changes.


Themes for 2020

  • Quantifying consumer technology... Read more



  • Understanding vendor services' strategy... Read more

 Media and Entertainment

How Ovum helps you

Discover which entertainment segments, geographies, and partners to prioritize using data and forecasts of unrivalled depth and breadth.

Develop compelling products and services based on data on consumer behavior, market trackers, and service provider benchmarks.

Optimize your go-to-market strategies by identifying the best feature-set, pricing, bundling, and partnership options for your organization.


Themes for 2020

  • Direct-to-consumer video realities... Read more


  • The promise of M&E super-aggregation... Read more


  • Innovating with TV and video advertising... Read more


  • Harnessing the power of video-gaming... Read more


  • New opportunities for network operators... Read more

 Smart Living

How Ovum helps you

Identify the changing user demands and use cases with insight from consumer surveys.

Monitor the strategies of leading players with detailed market trackers and player analysis.

Quantify each core opportunity with in-depth connected home and smart home market forecasts.

Identify best practice with case studies spanning both connected home and smart home technologies, and go-to-market strategies.

Assess best of class market strategy for service providers entering both connected home and smart home markets.


Themes for 2020

  • Understanding smart home dynamics... Read more


  • Disruptive smart home services... Read more


  • Developing the future connected home... Read more


  • The impact of smart speakers on smart home... Read more

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