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"Technology vendors and service providers around the world are grappling with the impact of evolving business models and emerging technologies, continually adapting their strategies to position for competitive success and economic advantage. The forces of digital transformation, virtualization, pervasive connectivity, artificial intelligence, advanced computing, and others are having a profound influence on the shape of future business models and market strategies, and no industry player can afford to stand still.

Ovum’s 2020 Research Agenda leverages a mosaic of research methodologies and analytical frameworks to bring actionable perspectives to technology market participants during this dynamic period of industry evolution. Our global analyst team utilizes deep assessment of technology trends, an extensive network of industry contacts, on-the-ground knowledge of regional and country dynamics, comprehensive analysis of the competitive ecosystem, and in-depth primary research to provide clients with the strategic insight and market intelligence they need to succeed in this time of rapid change." Clint Wheelock, Chief Research Officer



Ovum’s Core Research Calendar

This document will provide you with a 6-month forward view of Ovum’s upcoming core research program as at Q1, 2020, for each of our research services. Please note this the document is updated and issued on a quarterly basis and Please note that this does NOT represent the entirety of the research deliverables for each service, but instead lists the major items of planned output that form the core of the service. View here.

Research Themes

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